Use PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray to:
Encourage overall oral health
Support normal levels of bacteria in the mouth
Help support healthy strong teeth
Help support healthy firm gums and tongue
Promote fresh, pleasant pet breath!


A Simple Spritz to blitz bad breath!
Those who have awoken in the morning to a nose-full of pet breath wafting across the face would agree that all cats and dogs should have their teeth brushed! This is far easier said than done. Most pet owners find the task of brushing a feline or canine mouth extremely difficult and this can also be an emotional task for our poor pets too! While we may not realize it, the bacteria in a cat or dog’s mouth forms its own ‘ecosystem’ and self-regulates itself naturally. This is not to say that an animal’s mouth should be left unattended. On the contrary, while all mammals have bacteria in their mouths, it is only when levels stay within the normal range that oral health is achieved.
The Natural Way
There is a lot that can be done at home to help keep your pet’s breath smelling great. First, rule – do not use human toothpaste! Find natural pet-friendly toothpaste and start slowly, with a small sample, so your pet can find one that he or she likes. It is also important to select the right cleaning tool – so ask your vet about an animal toothbrush. The brush should have soft bristles and be the right size for your pet’s mouth. After your pet is familiar with the toothpaste and brush, start slowly and brush gently from the gums downward (don’t worry about the inside of the teeth – they are cleaned by saliva). Once or twice a week is sufficient. Chew toys can also keep teeth strong, as well as treats that help clean gums and teeth. For animals that can’t stand anything in their mouths – a pet oral health mouth spray can keep breath fresh and mouths healthy.
What is PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray?
No mess, no fuss. Finally a pet friendly way to freshen doggie breath and kitty breath in a natural way. OralHealth Mouth Spray has the added benefit of promoting oral health inside the mouth, supporting healthy teeth, gums and tongue. What could be simpler than a spray? OralHealth Mouth Spray contains colloidal silver – an ingredient to promote healthy levels of bacteria in the mouth. With a simple squirt a few times a day, you can rest assured that the natural bacteria-regulating mechanisms in your animal’s mouth will be naturally supported. OralHealth Mouth Spray may be used at the first signs of particularly bad breath to address unpleasant odors quickly and effectively, without side effects!

It is especially easy to administer as it is presented in handy spray form! OralHealth Mouth Spray contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

How has PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray helped others?
“We love our two Cocker Spaniels – Daisy and Duke. They are the lights of our lives, but boy – what stinky breath! I have always meant to brush their teeth regularly, but it’s such a production. Thank you for a great product that not only encourages mouth health, but also helps with the breath fumes!”                                                        – Kimberly and Nathan“Our kids just love giving our cats a spritz or two – and our cats seem to love it! Thanks for a natural product for our pets.”                                                         – The Francis Family

“My owners used to complain about my breath. I was ashamed of my stinky mouth, but it was hard to keep it clean with all the doggie treats and pet food! I never liked my teeth being brushed and used to run and hide behind our old sofa. Now I love getting a spray in the morning, and both my owners are very happy!”