Thousands of pets are found every year with the help of our microchips database.
Microchips help reunite pets with their families. Chip your pet today with Microchips from Five Star ID.

Paperless Solutions


🐾 There is no need for paper administration as you yourself will capture your data on our online database.


KUSA, ERASA, Canine SA, SA Boerperd & DBASA Members


🐾 After you have saved and printed your captured data, you simply click on the marked button and an electronic copy of all the data will be send to either of above mentioned animal societies for their recording purposes. No faxing or posting is required.


Pet Found


🐾 If you have found a lost animal, simply scan the chip in the animal, enter the microchip number under Pet Found and the data linked to the microchip number will be displayed.

SMS service: SMS “lost” followed by the microchip number to 43366 and the owner details will be sent back to the number.




🐾 The database is available 24 hour a day, seven days a week. Its design is web base and therefore is available worldwide.


Contact Us:

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