Microchip info

Application Systems

Five Star ID are suppliers of High Quality ISO Standard RFID Syringes for the injection of RFID microchips in Cats, Dogs, Cattle, Livestock and Wildlife.

Microchip application system contains:

  • Needle with the pet microchip inserted.
  • Application device to push the transponder/pet microchip out of the needle into the animal

    Business inception identification offers two types of application systems:

    • A1 regular system.
    • A2 luer lock system.

      A – Half Disposable Systems:

      • A1 Half-disposable system (Regular Gun + Luer Lock)


        • A2 Half-disposable system (Syringe + Luer Lock)

          B – Full Disposable System:

          • A1 Half-disposable system (Regular Gun + Luer Lock)

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